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Fight & Fitness Training
Mulwaree Muaythai
Cardio, Agility, Strength & Conditioning
Muaythai fight gym
Mulwaree Muaythai
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Fitness Training Gym
Mulwaree Muaythai
Fight Training

Fight Training

Train for competition with Combat Sports Authority registered Muaythai Trainer Darcy. Become a registered fighter, fight all over Australia.

Fitness Training

Fitness Training

Train like a fighter, with fighters = get fighting fit! Enjoy training in a friendly, team atmosphere, in a legit muaythai boxing gym. Cardio, agility, self-defence and strength and conditioning.

Mulwaree Muaythai Fitness & Fight Gym

Quality muaythai kickboxing training in Goulburn NSW for fighters and fitness training. Learn the marital art of muay thai in Goulburn. Muaythai is the striking martial art of MMA. Muaythai, also known as Thai Boxing is one of the most effective martial arts you can learn. Join our classes in Goulburn area today.

Fight Training

Train up for competition - Muaythai Australia affiliated GYM. We can get you fights all over Australia. Thai Boxing or Muaythai Martial Arts competition.

Fitness Training

Muaythai is GREAT for WEIGHTLOSS and FITNESS. Excellent for cardio workouts, and its FUN and you learn a new SKILL! Muaythai is also one of the most EFFECTIVE self-defense martial arts you can learn.

Beginners Muaythai

Never done martial arts before? WELCOME! We encourage EVERYONE to come along and give it a try! First class is FREE! Located centrally in Goulburn.

Full Thai Boxing Gym Facilities

100sqm training space with heavy bags, 5x5meter boxing ring, ropes, cardio machines, matted training area.

Friendly TEAM atmosphere

Mulwaree muaythai encourages a team training atmosphere. We encourage everyone to train together and support the fighters.

Personal Sessions

Private 1-on-1 sessions available to members and non-members - contact us to book a time.

Class Times

Mulwaree Muaythai Gym training sessions are run 4x weekly:

Monday:    MMA Fundamentals 1830-1930
Tuesday:    Muay Thai 1830-1930
Thursday: Muay Thai 1830-1930
Friday:       Muay Thai 1830-1930


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Muay Thai Gear

Muay Thai Gear

We stock high quality 16oz sparring gloves made from 100% LEATHER and SHIN PADS - ideal for high contact sparring. Velcro closures.

Casual session

Casual session

Drop in for a 1 off session - check out our class timetable - Your first lesson is FREE. Contact Us to find out more.