Muay Thai Training Area

Ready for training this week – we have the mats down, the bags hung and the ring ready to go!
The training area is fully matted – we have 4 super heavy, repacked SMAI 6 foot bags on the wall rack – weighing between 55kg and 75kg. These bags are GREAT for conditioning the shins and developing POWERFUL KICKS!
Against the other wall, we have 2 free-hanging PUNCH 4 foot bags for working punching and upper-body striking skills. These bags are lighter and have great swing and response for ELBOW strikes and PUNCH strikes.
The boxing ring area has 5cm thick mats to cushion falls from sweeps and throws. The ring is a 4.5m square area, quad-roped with corner padding.

Currently, we have 2 spin bikes and a stepper for aerobic equipment, but we plan to bring in 3 treadmills as well to get that ROADWORK done indoors on those FREEZING Goulburn nights!



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